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Supplier of Sealed Closures and Access Equipment

Specializing in the design, manufacture and provision of access equipment and sealed closures for use on naval ships, Ansell Jones Marine Services Ltd has an excellent appreciation for the demands placed on products operating in hostile environments where safety is critical.

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Naval Doors

The ''Naval Standard'' doors of Ansell Jones Marine Services Ltd are fitted throughout the Royal Navy''s Fleet of warships, from aircraft carriers to landing craft and destroyers to minehunters. The Royal Navy is undeniably the primary customer/end user for our ‘Naval Standard’ range, however, the same (or similar) design is used on warships of various Navy''s around the world, including Malaysia, Suadi Arabia, Chile, Brazil, Romania, Estonia and Greece to name but a few.

Manufactured in Mild Steel or Aluminium, ''Naval Standard'' Watertight Doors are available in ''Quick-Acting'' or ''Individually Clipped'' versions, both benefitting from the use of embossed door panels. Whilst maintaining the required level of watertight integrity, the inherent strength of the embossing allows the door panels to be manufactured from thinner materials, affording significant weight saving over more conventional designs.

The ''standard'' doors in this category are manufactured to satisfy three levels of watertight integrity, 0.35 Bar, 0.69 Bar and 1.03 Bar, where the specified pressure forces the panel off the frame. Additionally, the doors are designed to retain their integrity and remain functional after being subjected to shock.