Naval Hatches

Naval Standard Watertight Hatches
Aircraft Carrier

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of Navy applications, the ''Naval Standard'' hatches of Ansell Jones Marine Services Ltd have enjoyed a long history with the Royal Navy. As well as being fitted to a majority of the warships in the Royal Navy''s Fleet, the hatches are also used on warships of various Navy''s around the world, including Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Brazil, Romania, Estonia and Greece.

Manufactured in Mild Steel or Aluminium, ''Naval Standard'' Watertight Hatches are available in three operation styles, ''Individually Clipped'', Toggle operated and Quick-Acting.
The hatch Coamings, supplied with 75mm radius corners, are manufactured from the same material as the cover (unless specified otherwise) to form the clear opening of the hatch. To ensure conformity with ships regulations, the coaming height should be specified by the customer.
As an option, the coaming can be fitted with a drilled flange to allow bolting to the deck.
''Standard'' hatches in this category are manufactured to satisfy two levels of watertight integrity, 0.35 Bar and 0.69 Bar, where the specified pressure forces the panel off the frame. Additionally, the hatches are designed to retain their integrity and remain functional after being subjected to shock.

Watertight Hatches - Individually Clipped
Naval WT Hatch - Clipped

Available in Mild Steel, with a 3mm thick embossed cover, or in Aluminium with a 5mm thick embossed cover. The hatch is sealed to specification from either side by Individual Locking Clips which engage onto coaming mounted wedges.

The locking clips are machined from high quality forgings and are available in mild steel or polished stainless steel (grade 316). The quantity is determined by the clear opening size.

Watertight Hatch - Toggle Operated
Watertight Toggle Hatch

Toggle hatches, being operable from outside only, are ideally suited to applications involving material handling, rather than personnel access, where the hatch is opened to allow loading of supplies or equipment and closed once the task is complete.

The hatch is supplied with a suitably stiffened 5 or 6mm thick cover and is available in Mild Steel or Aluminium.
The cover is sealed to specification by wingnuts on three sides of the hatch, which tighten down onto clamping plates on the cover. Bridge Pieces with Thumbscrews are fitted to the hinges, offering adjustment to ensure sealing of the hinge side.

Wingnuts, Bridge Pieces & Thumbscrews are available in Gunmetal or Polished Stainless Steel (Grade 316)

Watertight Hatches - Toggle Operated with Clipped Manhole
Toggle Hatch with Manhole

As with the Toggle operated hatch above, this design is generally suited to applications with larger clear openings but where by personnel access from either side is essential. (i.e. Escape Routes)
To facilitate this requirement, this version of the hatch is fitted with a clipped manhole, which is operable from either side, allowing quick entry or exit for personnel.

The standard range is available in a variety of clear opening sizes up to and including 1520mm x 1375mm.

Watertight Hatches - Quick-Acting

Quick-Acting hatches are available in mild steel or aluminium with the cover being sealed to specification by central handwheels fitted on either side of the cover which drive adjustable locking clips onto coaming mounted wedges.